Advance Java

Advance Java or J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition) is a platform Independent, Java Centric environment. In other words, to develop, build & deploy Web-based applications online, advance java is useful.

Core JavaJ2EE (Advance Java)
Also known as Java Standard Edition.Also known as Java Enterprise Edition.
To develop a general-purpose application, it can be used.To develop online applications and mobile applications, it can be used.
Only one tier architecture is used by core java. Therefore it is called a ‘stand-alone’ application.The two-tier architecture is used by advanced java. In other words, client-side architecture & server-side (backend) architecture.
Core java is derived from C, C++J2EE is an extension of Java SE.
Core java includes features like OOPS, data type, exception handling, etc.Advance java includes features like the Collection of Java APIs. For Instance Servlet, JSP, etc.

In this section, the below-mentioned topics will be covered:

  • Synchronization
  • JDBC
  • Serialization & Deserialization
  • Servlets
  • JSP
  • Try with resources